The dVoiceBox Studio, based in the West Midlands,  is run by professional voice artist Chris Radley.

The studio specialises in recording songwriters, vocalists, voice-over artists and spoken word projects and also offers ISDN facilities for Voiceover and spoken word projects.

Technical Specification details

Mics – Neumann U87, Neumann KMS105, Audio Technica AT4033 x 2, Rode NT1, Rode NT5 x2. AKG CK99L Lavlier mic (plus wireless unit) Plus Shure mics inc PG81(x2) and SM57.
Processors – TLA 5051
Mixer Consoles – Soundcraft Ghost (Control room), Allen and Heath Mix Wizard4 (in booth for self op ISDN and recording)
Headphones – Beyer DT100 x 4 (plus 3 unbranded)
Headphone amp – Samson S Phone – 4 individual channels with 3 x O/P per channel
Booth – Esmono “Freesound” Isolation Room – 2.2m x 2.85m x 2.2m (height).
Monitors – Event 2020 and SN10 Classics
Soundcard – MOTU 8 Pre and Delta 1010 (for ISDN)
Software – Logic Pro. Also Audition – for self-op recording
ISDN codec – Audio TX Communicator now upgraded to include APTx


The Esmono booth is an industry standard – as used by broadcasters like Sky TV. The booth provides a perfectly acoustically “dry” environment – there’s no natural reverberation or ambient sound. It’s perfect for vocalists, voiceover and spoken word work.

Internally the booth is 2.2m x 2.85m and is 2.2m high.

Please note that the booth is in a basement room that is only accessible down stairs.


The Audio TX Communicator ISDN software is compatible with all professional ISDN Codecs eg CDQ Prima, Prima LT, CDQ1000, CDQ2000 and Roadrunner, Zephyr and Zephyr Express, Glensound, Philips, Dialog etc. it is also compatible with APTx.

Technically its compatible with MPEG Layer II, MPEG Layer III, G.722 and G.711 protocols at 64 or 128 kbits – with one or two b-channels.

The software can also connect to ipDTL enabled studios.

Recording Quality
Recording at dVoiceBox is digital quality with final recordings usually burnt to CD or sent to clients via an ftp service. Recording data file formats include mp3, WAV and AIFF.

CD masters can be produced to Red Book standards.

Contact Details
ISDN +44(0)1926 887517 (x2)
Studio +44(0)1926 431535
Chris Radley +44(0)7866 784925