dVoiceBox is a recording studio that specialises in voiceover and spoken word projects. The studio also records singers, musicians, and provides general audio production services (very short run CD duplication, DAT to CD and Tape to digital conversion). dVoiceBox also provides an ISDN service for voiceovers. The studio also records live events.

This blog consists of a series of posts by dVoiceBox owner Chris Radley looking at studio techniques, microphones and tips for recording, past studio projects, internet marketing for musicians, and things like interesting bands, videos, voiceover artists etc.

Revisiting a location recording

I recorded an evening of poetry and musical performances in front of a live audience at the Holy Trinity Church in Leamington back in 2007. I had been asked to record the event by the poet Julie Boden (Poet in Residence at Birmingham Symphony Hall) – we subsequently went on to record several other spoken word and poetry events together and she also recorded her collection of poems “Cut on […]

New VO link up

We’ve just linked up with a very useful website that’s just the job if you are a voice artist who’s out and about and away from your home studio and suddenly need a studio for an urgent session. With voiceoverstudiofinder you just put in your current location or a post code and within seconds you’ll have information of all the studios within whatever range you specify. The studios may be […]

Recording Firedaze “Another One Like That”

We’ve just finished mixing a new track for Leamington based band Firedaze. This track is following on from their 2014 album, “Never After Land” which was also recorded at Dmusic/dVoicebox. Firedaze singer Steff has a massive passion for ice hockey and is a regular supporter of the Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey team. She recently decided to write and record a song that could be used by supporters of the team […]

Bass – another great player

I’ve mentioned before that my main instrument is the bass guitar and I love checking out other bass players. This week I was surfing the internet looking for some information on 8 string fiddles when somehow I ended up watching this NPR session from earlier this year instead. It features piano player Robert Glasper and the two other members of his band the Robert Glasper Experiment.  Its kinda jazzy and […]

Bass – 3 ways to play one

In addition to running the dVoiceBox studio I’m also a musician – my main instrument is the bass guitar.  I used to be a guitarist but started playing bass when a band my brother was in asked me to help them out when their bassist left them in the lurch. I’ve played bass for a many years now and I’m always fascinated to see and hear what other people can […]

Mic Blog 02

It is only relatively recently that I’ve started to get really interested in microphones. Not just the sound of them but how they look too. I think this post says quite a lot about me and microphones.  It was reported this week that Bradley Wiggins is making a cameo appearance in the long running radio 4 soap The Archers. I discovered the story when I saw a photo on the […]

Recording Love In Leamington 2014

dVoiceBox recently recorded live poetry and music event Love in Leamington 2014 in the main Library in Leamington Spa.  This was the second such event as Love in Leamington had happened for the first time back in February 2013. On that occasion it was a grant funded project run in conjunction with Warwickshire Libraries that saw a number of composers and musicians composing and performing musical pieces that were produced […]

Love in Leamington 2013

As mentioned elsewhere I was invited to record the Love In Leamington 2013 event which took place in Leamington Library in the week of Valentine’s Day of that year.  The event was grant funded from a number of sources and coordinated by the Warwickshire Library Service. It featured a diverse range of musicians and composers responding to poems by Julie Boden and then performing the resultant pieces of music. Julie […]

Love in Leamington 2014

dVoiceBox was invited to record this year’s Love in Leamington event on 12th February 2014 at the library in Leamington Spa –  this time it featured 7 contemporary poets and 3 musicians. I’ll shortly be posting a report of how we set up to provide the PA mix on the night as well as recording the performances.  The poems, interwoven with music can now be heard on the radio wildfire […]

Audio production – The Beatles are Coming

Dvoicebox was asked by Atlantic Publishing to help with some audio production for the DVD documentary that accompanies the book “The Beatles are Coming”. The DVD uses archive footage to tell the story of Beatlemania “from The Cavern to Candlestick Park” – it’s during the years when the Beatles still played live with their Vox AC 30 amplifiers continually drowned out by the screams of their fans. Frances Hill from […]