Song for Valentine’s Day

Crazy You Crazy Mew song logo
A song with a love theme has just been released by my long term collaborator and song composer Duncan Arrow and singer Amie Boyd.

I’ve worked with Duncan on lots of musical projects over the years both in the studio and also at live events.  I’ve worked with singer Amie Boyd many times too when I’ve been sound engineering live events with Duncan.

Duncan and Amie released a song for Christmas 2020 and now they are back with a second self penned composition “Crazy You Crazy Me.  Its a song Duncan wrote a few years ago and I heard it back then when we were working on some songwriting together.
As I recall he originally planned it to be an uptempo pop number – but as you can hear Amie has taken it into a more current direction with more than a hint of a Billie Eilish influence.

The song has been recorded and produced in Duncan’s studio.  You can buy “Crazy You Crazy Me” as a download or stream on Spotify – or just check it out here