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Podcast – audio editing, mixing and mastering

If you have a podcast recorded but you need assistance to make it sound more professional we can help by:

Removing unwanted silences, unnecessary speech including “ums” and “ers” and obtrusive breath noise while keeping the speech sounding natural.

Reducing unwanted background noise

Editing to reduce over long interviews or other speech to more useful and effective lengths

Mixing all the audio components  – speech, music,  ads, intro and outro etc – together with consistent levels

Master the podcast to a professional standard ready for uploading to your preferred podcast platform.

Should I make a podcast?

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing media sectors.  A podcast is a great way for a company or individual to create more brand awareness or reinforce a perception of industry sector expertise. For musicians it could be a good way of engaging with fans. Relevant content delivered by people with a passion for the subject can make for compelling or informative listening.

Studio mixing deskIn addition you need a good quality listening experience to set your podcast apart from the ones recorded on a laptop in a kitchen with someone using a USB mic.

At dVoiceBox I already produce podcasts with people like former BBC Radio 2 presenter Frank Renton – his podcast “Still Listening to the Band” kept his listeners informed on what was happening in the world of brass band music. I producing that that fortnightly for 2 years up until the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020.  I have also recently recorded audio and interviews for several episodes of  the Mike Brewer Wheeler Dealer podcast.

I can help you produce your next podcast – call me on 07866 784925

There’s more on my blog post about podcasts
Chris Radley
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