New VO link up

We’ve just linked up with a very useful website that’s just the job if you are a voice artist who’s out and about and away from your home studio and suddenly need a studio for an urgent session.

With voiceoverstudiofinder you just put in your current location or a post code and within seconds you’ll have information of all the studios within whatever range you specify.
VOstudiofinderLogo02The studios may be all singing all dancing full-on production facilities or they might be the home studio of another voice talent who has the specifications you need – for example recording or editing facilities, Pro Tools, ISDN, Source Connect or ipDTL.
It not just UK based either as the website lists studios all over the world.

You can check out the website at

I’d like to thank Rachael Naylor at the Voice Over Network for drawing my attention to this new service.

Chris Radley – dVoiceBox