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I’ve mentioned before that my main instrument is the bass guitar and I love checking out other bass players. This week I was surfing the internet looking for some information on 8 string fiddles when somehow I ended up watching this NPR session from earlier this year instead.

It features piano player Robert Glasper and the two other members of his band the Robert Glasper Experiment.  Its kinda jazzy and not really the kind of thing that usually gets me very excited (though I can appreciate that the guy can play really well) – but what caught my attention was the second tune in the session called NPR Tiny Desk Jam.  It’s something the three of them improvise on the spot.

It shows the great relationship and intuition between the three musicians – but for me the stars of the tune are drummer Mark Colenburg who sets up the groove and particularly bass player Derrick Hodge who goes with it.  Check the video from around 9 mins in. Mark gets a beat going and then after about half a minute Derrick locks in with an effortless simple bass line that just grooves brilliantly. Then at around 10.30 he just takes off with a kind of funky walking bassline that fits with the piano part brilliantly.  All the time bass and drums are locked together solidly while Derrick makes it look so easy on the bass.  Nice work!

Check it our here from about 9 minutes into the video

Chris Radley – dVoiceBox

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